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Black and White Dalmation
Umbrella.  34” diameter
black and white umbrella
with wooden handle.       
ONLY $19.95
A person who has never owned a dog has missed a wonderful part of life.
-Bob Barker
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Medium durable canvas pet carrier in zebra print with 3
mesh windows and zippered openings. Metal feet on the
bottom for support and adjustable shoulder strap.
15”w x 9”h x 8”d           ONLY $38.00
Make your yard wildlife
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Daisie Noles
Across the United States and Puerto Rico,
2008 brought good news about rabies:  
Reported cases were down 3.1percent,
from 7,060 cases in 2007 to 6,841 cases in
Rabies continues to affect wildlife more
often than domestic animals.  Raccoons,
bats, skunks, and foxes accounted for 93
percent of all rabies cases reported in
2008, according to a report issued by the
Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention (Atlanta) and published in a
September issue of the
Journal of the
American Veterinary Medical Association.  
dog-related cases were down about 19
percent, from 93 reports in 2007 to 75 in
Rabies cases among cats, however,
increased, and that poses a health risk to
people and other animals, warn
veterinarians and public health officials.  
According to the CDC report, rabies in cats
was up 12 percent with 294 reported cases
compared with 262 in 2007.
CDC Releases Rabies Report
Part of the increase is because cats more
frequently interact with wildlife where they're
prone to being bitten by a rabid animal,
said Jesse Blanton, an epidemiologist at
the CDC. Also, cats aren't getting the
vaccinations they need.
"The CDC's general beleif is that people
but not their cats," Blanton said.  "We have
controlled canine rabies through
vaccination of domestic dogs, so we know
that vaccinating works."
A seperate report from the American
Veterinary Medical Association
(Schaumburg, III.) indicates 36.3 percent of
U.S. cat-owning households didn't visit a
veterinarian in 2006.  The simple act of
vaccinating a pet, Blanton said, provides
protection to the animal and the humans
with whom it may come in contact.  
Vaterianarians can vaccinate dogs and
cats, and they will advise clients on the
recommended or required frequency of
vaccination needed.
Cats were the only domestic animal to show increased rabies cases in 2008
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